A New and Unique Way to Tackle Education Inequality

“The Tutor Trust is brilliant. It’s very satisfying – there’s a lot of positivity and energy. When you leave the classroom at the end of a session you don’t just feel like the kids have got something out of it, you feel like you have too.”
Matt Wood, Science graduate from the University of Manchester

Tutor Trust offers a new and unique way to tackle education inequality by recruiting and training university students as tutors in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science and placing them in state schools, ensuring that every child who needs additional academic support can access a tutor in school.

In November 2018, the Education Endowment Foundation published the results of a major independent evaluation of Tutor Trust. This report gives Tutor Trust gold standard evidence and solid proof of the quality and impact of their work, and a strong foundation on which to build thanks to funding from the Mohn Westlake Foundation.

Thanks to the Foundation’s contribution over the past 18 months, Tutor Trust has been able to grow its work and strengthen its monitoring, evaluation and learning even further. Quality assurance and impact measurement are a fundamental part of Tutor Trust’s culture, and in addition the charity has recruited two qualified teachers to lead on this work to ensure that each hour of tuition provided to pupils is of the highest quality and delivers the greatest impact. Grant funding has also ensured that Tutor Trust can offer discretionary discounts to schools, to benefit pupils who need tutors the most.


At a glance…

  • Tutors delivered over 17,000 hours of tuition between September 2017 and August 2018. 
  • Tutor Trust supported over 3,000 pupils across over 154 primary schools, secondary schools, alternative provision centres and further education colleges.
  • The Trust is now working across 12 local authorities in three city regions of Northern England: Greater Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.
  • The Education Endowment Foundation’s Randomised Control Trial found that Tutor Trust’s Year 6 Maths pupils made three months’ additional progress compared to a matched control group.

For more information about this project, please visit their website: www.thetutortrust.org

“When things sound hard at first, Matt makes them easy to understand. We’re always laughing – he’s really fun and encouraging.”Grace, a Year 6 pupil at Bridge Hall Primary School

“Matt has been great – he’s fitted in really well with how our school works. He understands how important the relationship is with the child. They want to go, they enjoy it and they’re learning – they come back full of ideas.”Helen Styan, Deputy Headteacher

Updated Dec 2018

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