Improving Academic Standards in Science at Holland Park School

Science week at Holland Park School
Science week at HPS.
“The last three years of support by the Trust have been, in the true sense of the word, transformative. The reward scheme for disaffected students, combined with the higher standard of training our teachers have received, has led to an incredible upward trend on our results. Students are excited by the experiences we are giving them.”
 Deputy Head, Science Team Leader
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Lord Robert Winston with HPS Students

If you'd like to learn more about the HPS Trust’s ‘Supporting Science’ project, please visit their website:

The Mohn Westlake Foundation is proud to support the HPS Trust’s ‘Supporting Science’ project, a major initiative established in 2014 with the aim of improving academic standards in science at Holland Park School through the provision of courses, clubs, special resources and activities and a 'science week'.

“Science Week was incredible last year. A group of us helped Year 7 and 8 students with their Science Fair entries and then we organised an engineering competition where students built bridges. I put it on my personal statement and that was praised by admissions tutors when I did my university applications.”Sixth Former, A level science student

The project has been highly successful so far, with improved academic achievements at GCSE and A level, and an increase in applications to science courses at both A level and university.  
In 2017 we committed to supporting this project for a further three years, which will provide a great boost to science, help develop the clubs already set up at the school, retain and engage teachers and have a positive effect on students’ lives.

At a glance…
  • 88% of all students (1,200 pupils) are now studying science at the school, compared with 80% when the project first began in 2014.
  • Currently 95% of GCSE Science pupils achieve grades A-C, compared with 81% of students in 2014.

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