A support, empowerment and informal education group for female students


The Mohn Westlake Foundation is supporting The Reach Foundation to develop the Reach Children’s Hub, an innovative new charitable initiative providing a wide range of activities to support children, young people and families in Feltham.

Girls' Group

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Girls’ Group

The Hub's Girls' Group is a support, empowerment and informal education group targeted at female students who have been identified as at-risk or vulnerable. The group currently consists of 12 girls aged 14-17, and has undertaken a wide range of activities for the community, including two highly successful International Women's Day events in 2018 and 2019, and a White Ribbon campaign in October 2018, which involved the group helping to distribute domestic violence information into every school in Hounslow.

Members of the Girls' Group attended leadership residentials through London Youth at the start of 2019, after which they successfully pitched for £500 of funding to deliver sports activities in the local community. In total 24 young people attended the multi-sports sessions that they delivered; 50 percent of whom were not from Reach Academy, and feedback on the sessions was very positive.

An evaluation undertaken in early 2019 by The Reach Foundation’s embedded PhD researcher concluded that the girls feel they are gaining confidence, making a difference in the community, better able to express themselves, more informed about healthy relationships, and better able to keep themselves safe.

“Thank you for creating this group and including me in it and making me one of the first members. I feel really safe and loved in this group and really wish every day life could be like this. Once again, thank you so much.” Girls' Group member

The future development of the Girls' Group is being led by a committee of senior members from the group, who are responsible for setting the direction of the project, working to ensure it is meeting the needs of its members.

The Girls’ Group is now receiving referrals from local social workers, and members of the group are involved in leading community awareness training for new teachers starting in the local area.

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