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The Mohn Westlake Foundation is pleased to be working with The London Community Foundation (LCF), which specialises in supporting community-based organisations focused on helping disadvantaged London by raising funds from institutions and individuals to invest in local charities and social enterprises. The London Community Foundation believes that communities often characterised as poor and disadvantaged are rich with ideas and assets, and when these ideas and assets are maximised, small community groups can make a big difference.

BIGKID Foundation

Creative Opportunities

Doorstep Library

Football Beyond Borders

At a glance…

  • Since 2011, The London Community Foundation has invested over £75 million into charitable groups across London.
  • Today, the Foundation invests around £7 million annually, giving out around 1,000 grants every year across the capital.

Updated November 2019

Creative Opportunities

Creative Opportunities is a social enterprise that facilitates and encourages creativity amongst young Londoners; supporting them to develop skills, make connections and lead change. Its mission is to teach young people transferable skills relevant to their interests and guide them to successfully navigate their chosen pathways. Its vision is for all young people to use their creativity, skills and knowledge to advocate for their own rights, challenge oppression and create positive change in their communities.

Since the organisation was founded in 2014, Creative Opportunities has worked with over 800 young people on a range of employability, social action and creative programmes which develop soft skills such as confidence, problem solving and communication; and hard skills and technical proficiencies in areas like filmmaking, audio engineering and public speaking. It’s user-led programmes empower young people to develop creative processes, freethinking and technical knowledge under the guidance of industry professionals. Creative Opportunities encourages the young people with whom it works to be ambitious, building their resilience to risks and challenges.

The grant from the Mohn Westlake Foundation will be used to develop the capacity of the organisation, help it become sustainable and increase its impact, so that Creative Opportunities can reach a greater number of young people.

For more information about this project please visit their website: www.creativeopportunities.co.uk/

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