Improving educational outcomes for young people in the area

Above: Stef Probert, HWCP’s Community Development Officer with volunteers at a football session in Hartcliffe, Bristol

The Quartet Community Foundation aims to bring people together and improve lives by supporting small groups and community-based charities in the West of England (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire), which are working to improve local communities.

The Mohn Westlake Foundation’s donation supports the following three programmes:

Sudden Needs Fund

Making the “world of difference to children and young people” in the West of England

No Child Goes Hungry (NCGH) programme

At a glance…

  • Over the past 32 years The Quartet Community Foundation has distributed grants of over £50 million.
  • Each year the Foundation gives out around 1,000 grants to voluntary and community groups across the West of England.
  • Last year the Foundation awarded grants worth £3.5 million, their highest ever annual grant-making total.

Updated November 2019

Making the “world of difference to children and young people” in the West of England

“Keeps us out of trouble, if we didn’t come here we’d just be sat outside Morrison’s. We’ve got nothing to do!”Ashton

This place-based funding programme in Hartcliffe is aimed at improving educational outcomes for young people in the area. A grant of £59,987 has been awarded to Hartcliffe & Withywood Community Partnership (HWCP) for the Hareclive Place Based Social Action Transition Programme, working with children as they move from primary school into secondary school.

Established in the late 1990s, HWCP is a community partnership which supports local regeneration work. HWCP is working with the local primary school and South Bristol Youth to deliver this programme, and this partnership will also be drawing in the expertise of several other relevant local organisations including Room 13, Access Sport, LPW and Wesport.

“I like football, my mates like football so we decided to come along, we know Steff too so he told us to come along…….and he knows us. He knows what we feel like”Kye

The programme is developing and co-ordinating a set of community-led youth service activities that aim to raise the aspirations of young people and tackle anti-social behaviour. Learning from models around the country (particularly in West London and ‘Relationships Matter’ in Hartlepool), the programme involves supporting families, targeted work with specific young people identified as being at risk, and volunteer-led youth activities to test and learn how this can have a beneficial impact on attendance, confidence and attainment at secondary school.

Most of the funding will be used for two workers to coordinate youth and sports activities and work with 24 targeted young people in the first year of the programme. The grant has also been used as match funding for £70,000 per year over three years from the Big Lottery and DCMS Place Based Social Action Programme, which the Hartcliffe area was successful in securing – in part due to the confidence shown by other funders including the Mohn Westlake Foundation.

No further funds since this £59,987 grant has been awarded to HWCP.

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