Supporting work with children, parents and carers to deal with food poverty and promote healthy eating

Above: The Square Food Foundation offers cookery classes from their base in Knowle West, Bristol, helping local families learn to cook and eat healthy food in a safe, fun environment.

The Quartet Community Foundation aims to bring people together and improve lives by supporting small groups and community-based charities in the West of England (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire), which are working to improve local communities.

The Mohn Westlake Foundation’s donation supports the following three programmes:

Sudden Needs Fund

Making the “world of difference to children and young people” in the West of England

No Child Goes Hungry (NCGH) programme

At a glance…

  • Over the past 32 years The Quartet Community Foundation has distributed grants of over £50 million.
  • Each year the Foundation gives out around 1,000 grants to voluntary and community groups across the West of England.
  • Last year the Foundation awarded grants worth £3.5 million, their highest ever annual grant-making total.

Updated November 2019

No Child Goes Hungry (NCGH) programme

The No Child Goes Hungry programme supports work with children, parents and carers to deal with food poverty and promote healthy eating.

  • A grant of £10,026 was awarded to Square Food Foundation (SFF) for the Family Food project to deliver community cookery for low-income families. The grant will enable SFF to work with families in Knowle West to address poverty-related health issues including holiday hunger. To do this, SFF will work with families from one local school (Oasis Academy Connaught or OAC) that have been identified as in need or particularly vulnerable to various lifestyle-related risk factors by school staff. A whole-school approach is being taken with school staff being closely involved. Cookery club is for parents and children and consists of weekly cookery classes during term-time and short courses during Easter and Summer holidays. Not only does cookery club offer families an opportunity to learn, cook and eat together in a safe space, it provides them with nourishing, delicious meals to take home. The cookery club will also keep the school ‘pantry’ stocked. By cooking recipes in bulk, students can feed themselves and their families and create meals for others. Surplus will be offered to other school families who may be struggling to eat well on a low-income.

    A second grant of £10,216 was made to Square Food Foundation in July 2019, for the continuation of the Family Food project. Families based in Knowle West cook a meal together and take it home to eat, as well as cooking for the school pantry and for other families in need.  The project will increase the skills of local families over generations as well as directly feeding people in need of healthy meals.

  • Vitality Bristol was awarded a grant of £2,220 towards a mini-festival promoting healthy eating and community cohesion. The grant will enable Vitality Bristol to run the 2019 mini-festival Vitality and associated community workshops in St Paul’s, an inner city multi-cultural community in Bristol. The event is free and held in the daytime to promote accessibility to families, religious communities and alcohol recovery groups and people on low income.

  • A grant of £15,000 was awarded to Feeding Bristol, a project to provide healthy meals to 5,600 children during every week day in the summer school holidays. The food will be provided by FareShare South West, with applicants making it available at established and trusted clubs/activity providers around Bristol, where families and children are already meeting.

“One mother discussed with a community group her situation, where the children were receiving packed lunches on a Friday. The project leader knew she was struggling and offered her some leftover lunches to take home. She burst into tears and said how much it was going to help, as she only had £2.50 to cover the family for the weekend.”Feeding Bristol

Mohn Westlake’s donations have continued to contribute towards the longer term development of the partnership with Bristol City Funds providing a strategic framework for this initiative working with Bristol City Council, leading local healthy eating and growing charities and Feeding Bristol; developing a Theory of Change and action plan to address systemic causes of child poverty in Bristol; aligning and pooling local and national funding to provide a coordinated response to the issue. Publicly launched fundraising for the NCGH programme began in July 2019.

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