Enabling the UK charity sector to optimise its use of data and digital technologies


Open, accessible data coupled with tools and support that enable charities to quickly get the information they need to better understand needs, inform service delivery and influence policy has the potential to revolutionise how charities and funders respond to social need and maximise impact.

At a glance…

  • NPC is the leading think tank and consultancy for the UK charity sector. For twenty years, they have pioneered a focus on social impact. By supporting thousands of charities to improve how they work, NPC enable better outcomes for millions of people across the UK and beyond.

“…a fantastic resource for charities of all sizes. It's really great to see both the data and the analysis. It's vital that all of us make the best use of data in our decision making.” John Herriman, CEO, National Emergencies Trust on NPC's Local Needs Databank

NPC's innovation programme aims to enable the UK charity sector to optimise its use of data and digital technologies to better tackle social inequalities and achieve even more for beneficiaries. Their vision is for people in need to be more effectively supported through data-driven decision making and empowering digital tools.

The work aims to deliver two things for the UK charity sector – support to harness open and accessible data and information, and tools to generate insight and analysis that has the power to transform service delivery, enabling those most in need to be better identified, understood and supported by charities, funders and policymakers.

“…one of the best resources I've seen globally that aims to track areas of greatest need in our communities due to coronavirus.” Parastou Youssefi, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on NPC's Local Needs Databank

For more information about this project please visit NPC's website:

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