Giving communities a say in decisions about data

Above: Dr Jeni Tennison speaking at the Royal Statistical Society Conference 2022. © Richard Gray

“Connected by Data is doing vital work to redefine the role of the public in data governance.”Natalie Byrom, The Legal Education Foundation

At a glance…

  • Connected by Data was founded by Dr Jeni Tennison OBE in March 2022 through a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship.
  • They are currently focusing on the role of data in education; the cost of living crisis; and in the justice system.
  • A major goal for 2022-23 is influencing the UK's Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and party manifestos for the next General Election.
  • They work with partners worldwide including Research ICT Africa, the Aapti Institute, and Open Future.


Above: © Ryoji Iwata /Unsplash

Our collective interests should be at the heart of decisions about how data is collected, used and shared.

Connected by Data is a campaign to give communities affected by the collection and use of data a powerful say in decisions about data to create a just, equitable and sustainable world.

Their work has three main strands. First, they are developing a compelling narrative and shaping the public conversation about data to recognise its collective impacts.

Second, they are developing good practices and a community of practitioners who lead and support deliberative and participatory data governance activities.

Finally, they are providing evidence-based public policy recommendations and language to create a regulatory environment that enables and encourages collective and participatory data governance approaches.

The Mohn Westlake Foundation is pleased to be supporting Connected by Data with a year-long unrestricted £100k grant.

For more information about Connected by Data and this project, please visit the their website:

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