Net-Zero Data with Icebreaker One


Access to most of the world’s data is restricted. This makes it hard to direct investment and action towards net zero.

The Mohn Westlake Foundation is happy to support Icebreaker One, an independent, non-partisan non-profit with global reach, in addressing this, by creating a web of net-zero data – connecting financial, industry and environmental data to help inform net-zero decisions.

At a glance…

  • Icebreaker One aims to influence investment decisions of $3.6T/year to deliver demonstrable net-zero by 2030.
  • Working to improve access to data that helps businesses and the public sector innovate.
  • Working with industry and government to develop Open Standards to unlock open access to shared data.

“Icebreaker One are developing our national data infrastructure. It’s as important as our roads, rail, water and broadband networks.” Lord Maude of Horsham at COP26


Icebreaker One are enabling that web by creating policies and guardrails that ensure data is comparable, machine-readable and trusted – connecting rather than collecting data.

Their building of Open Energy is a service that makes it easy to search, access, and securely share energy data.

Icebreaker One’s expert teams have developed the use case of a Climate-Ready Building Passport to explore how a data standard could catalyse net zero across the insurance and built world.

Each moves them closer towards a web of net-zero data that makes it possible to accurately align operational and investment decisions with net zero.

For more information about this project please visit their website:

To explore more about Open Energy visit:

Or to read more about how organisations are tapping into the Open Energy potential see:

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