Making a difference in the lives of young people.
Promoting the public good by encouraging data transparency.

Since its inception in 2016 The Mohn Westlake Foundation has pledged over £48 million to charitable causes in the UK.

Established by Marit Mohn and her son Stian Westlake following the sale of their share in the family company, Frank Mohn AS of Norway, the Foundation’s mission is to make a difference to the lives of young people by giving them opportunities they otherwise would not have had, through education, performing arts or other activities. They would also like to promote the public good by encouraging data transparency, access to impartial information the collection and analysis of useful data, which they consider important foundations of a good society. It is hoped that future generations of the family will take the work of the Foundation forward.

For further information about our trust deed and trustees, please visit the Charity Commission.

Our objectives

To advance the development of young people, especially the disadvantaged, by working with registered charities in providing resources and facilities not normally provided for by statutory bodies.

To provide facilities for recreation and other leisure activities for young people by working with registered charities, particularly in the fields of the arts and science.

To advance data transparency, to increase access to impartial information, and to promote the public good through the collection and analysis of useful data by working with registered charities pioneering in this space.

To further such other purposes charitable under the law of England and Wales as the Trustees see fit.

The Foundation only accepts appeals from UK registered charities. No applications from individuals are considered and the Trustees do not generally fund projects outside the UK.

Exclusions: Animal welfare or faith/places of worship charities, campaigning and lobbying work.


If you are a registered charity, please send an application by email to clearly marked “The Mohn Westlake Foundation”.

Or send an application by post to:-
Chris Thurlow
Ludlow Trust Company
5th Floor
390 Strand
London WC2R 0LT

Please include the following:

  • Purpose of the funding
  • Evidence of need
  • Outcomes
  • Amount of grant sought
  • Set of latest accounts

Please note that although unsolicited applications will be accepted, our intention is that most funding will be allocated through specific call-outs. Where appropriate, this site will carry details of this.